Raised on a copper and gold mine thirty washboard miles from the nearest neighbor and even further from town Darlien Breeze grew up with snakes, lizards and prickly pear cactus for playmates. An adventurous spirit, an active imagination plus a grandmother who listened to her stories paved the way for a future in creative writing.

Concurrent with a career in education she sold real estate, owned a beauty salon a glass factory. Owning an import/export company allowed her to travel frequently to Hong Kong andTaiwan.

After retiring from teaching, she pursued writing as a full-time endeavor. Her varied background lends a distinctive flavor to her stories. A trip to mainland China and a tour of the Forbidden City inspired her latest novel, The Golden Key.

Some of her publications include Two co-authored sci-fi novels Beware of Memories and Beware of Redemption, Ghosts & Gamblers of Las Vegas; a trilogy: A Life of Crime, Crusin’ for Crime and A Twist in Crime; and a memoir, Cage the Grim Reaper. She wrote a writer's guide, Power Words & Action Verbs.  A  start-up guide, Import/Export, and You, she also has published over eighty short stories.